ID-4100E FM/D-Star Mobile Transceiver VHF/UHF Icom ID-4100E is a versatile dual band mobile transceiver für VHF and UHF bands, which supports both, classical FM and Digital Voice mode (DV, D-Star). A GPS antenna and receiver is already built in, a Bluetooth module is available as an option. Software for Android, IOS and Windows is available for free from Icom.

One of the most noticeable features of the ID-4100E is the possibility to operate the transceiver either in classical Terminal mode or in Access Point mode. In Access Point mode the radio works as an entry point to the D-Star network for other users, for example with a handheld radio. This is partularly useful, for example when you cannot reach the D-Star system from your garden, but from the shack. Or when you want to provide convenient D-Star access on a field day or at other events. To use the Access Point Mode you need optional eqipment, a computer and internet access.

Icom privodes free APPs for Android and IOS, which allow remote control of most functions of the ID-4100E. Configuration of the D-Star Repeater functions (DR mode) becomes even easier than before, the GPS/APRS Functions can be linked to a map application, or ou can send text messages to other D-Star operators. This data transmission uses the new 'DV Fast Data Mode', which provides up to three times faster transmission rates (between compatible partners). These remote controle APPs require the optional Bluetooth unit UT-137.

The further technical features of the ID-4100E are nicely done, as one does expect from Icom. 5 to 50W transmit power on either band; Modes FM FM narrow, AM and D-Star (AM reception only); receiver frequency range from 118 – 174 and 231 – 550 MHz; more than 1000 memories; excellent HF sensitivity for the ham radio bands; removeable display unit and much more. The remote cable for the display unit is provided (OPC-837, 3.5m).

Order No.
ID-4100E Icom D-Star Dualband VHF/UHF Mobile Transceiver ID-4100E Bel of mail
Downlaod: Brochure Icom ID-4100E (PDF, EN, 680KB)

Accessories ID-4100E

Order No.
UT-137 Bluetooth Unit
VS-3 Bluetooth Headset 79.00
HM-232 Handheld microphone
HM-209 Handheld microphone with active noise cancellation
HM-207S Remote control/DTMF Microphone, as supplied
MBA-8 Display unit mount
OPC-647 Mikrophone extension 2.5m
HM-154 Handheld microphone 34.50
VS-3 Bluetooth Headset 79.00
OPC-1156 Dispaly Unit Extension Cable 3.5m 20.50
OPC-440 Microphone Extension Cable 5m 79.50
MBF-1 Suction Cup Holder 62.50
MBF-4 Mobile mounting bracket 15.50
OPC-2350LU USB Data cable 59.00
OPC-478UC Programming cable 49.50
OPC-1529R Data cable RS-232 24.50
OPC-589 Microphone adaptor cable 26.90

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