MB-1 SDR Transceiver


MB-1 SDR Transceiver for shortwave and VHF/2m with built-in computer

With the MB-1 by Expert Electronics a very remarkable SDR transceiver enters the market. The MB-1 offers transmit and receive capabilities of the usual HF bands, plus 6m, plus 2m VHF. The outstanding feature is a built-in computer with 7" screen and a user interface like it is known from more traditional radios. The MB-1 combines excellent state-of-the-art technology with established design and usability principles.

Expert Electronics already has shown their proficiency with previous SDRs and uses the gained knowledge to further enhabce their products, also with teh MB-1. The receiver is characterised by a very powerful 16 Bit AD converter with a large dynamic range of approx. 129 dB. The sampling rate is 160 MS/s, the HF signal is directly sampled with out an analogue mixer (direct down conversion, DDC). Various band and low pass filters are used to limit the signal right at the input stage.

The pre-installed software 'ExpertSDR2' offers two independant receivers, which can be tuned in a frequency range from 9 kHz to 65 MHz and between 96 and 148 MHz on VHF. The max. displayed panorama spectrum is 80 MHz wide, during normal operations the waterfall and spectrum can be set to max. 312 kHz width. The displayed range can be recorded at the same time for later playback, for example to check a QSO in detail, or for analysing an unknown signal.

The transmitter works totally independant of the receiver, the signal is completed synthesized digitally for a maximum of spectral purity. The hardware of the MB-1 supports full duplex operation, i.e. simultaneous receive and tarnsmit. This can be very useful when using a transverter or for satellite operations [1]. The transmit power is 100W on shortwave and 50W on VHF/2m. The The transceiver has 4 separate antenna connectors for shortwave, and two connectors for VHF (N sockets). A built-in automatic antenna tuner is available as an option. Up to four keying outputs for PTT can be used for the timed control of PTT keying various accessories like amplifiers, antenna relays etc (sequencer function). Further other open collector signals are provided for control of switching signals by the radio.
Built into the MB-1 transceiver is an entire industry standard computer, using a Mini ITX board. Windows 10 is pre installed as operating system. The SDR software ExpertSDR2 is also installed and configured for immediate start of operation after unpacking the radio. The open concept of the integrated standard computer allows the user to install other software like for example a logging program, decoder software for digital modes and much more. Even the usual DX cluster can be monitored on the built in 7" screen, since the computer of course has a network interface for internet access. As storage medium a 128 GB large SSD is used. All in all the reult is a very compact solution, not only for the shack desk at home but also for portable operations. Of course external devices like a keyboard, mouse and monitor can be connected as well. The manufacturer has done a great effort in designing an enclosure for maximum shielding between computer and HF part of the MB-1. This prevents interference right from the start. Both components, computer and radio, are supplied by the same 12V power supply. If required the user can install an alternative operating system like Ubuntu Linux, the ExpertSDR2 software is available for this OS as well.

[1] Full duplex operation is supported by the hardware, but not yet by the software. This function is planned for a future version of the ExpertSDR2 software.

Technical Data MB-1
Frequency Range RX HF 9 kHz - 65 MHz
Frequency Range RX VHF 96 - 148 MHz
Frequency Range TX HF All ham radio bands incl. 6m
Frequency Range TX VHF 144 - 148 MHz
RX sensitivity -128 dBm
Max. Power (output) HF 100 Watt
Max. Power (output) VHF 50 Watt
Blocking Dynamic Range HF (typ) 129 dB
AD converter sampling rate 160 MHz
AD converter resolution 16 Bit
DA converter clock frequency 640 MHz
DA converter resolution 14 Bit
Oscillator stability [2] ± 0.5 ppm
Panorama Bandscope width 20 kHz - 80 MHz
Receive window size (Waterfall) 39, 78, 156, 312 kHz
Independant receivers 2
Attenuator 0, -10, -20 dB
Pre-amplifier HF +10dB
Pre-amplifier VHF +26dB
ALC voltage 0 – 4 V
Antenna connectors HF 4x PL socket
Antenna connectors VHF 2x N socket
Network connector RJ-45, 1GBit/s Ethernet
Microphone impedance (dyn.) 600 Ω, Yaesu MH-31 compatible
Power Supply Voltage 100 - 240 VAC
Power Consumption max 320 W
Dimensions 320 x 140 x 250 mm
Weight 10 kg
Temperature range (operating) 0 - 50°C

Delivery date MB-1

The MB-1 SDR Transceiver by Expert Electronics is expected to arrive here around end of January 2016.
Order No.
MB-1 MB-1 SDR Transceiver 5999.00
MB-1-ATU MB-1 SDR Transceiver with built-in tuner 6490.00


Download: MB-1 Brochure (PDF, EN, 700KB)


Accessories MB-1


Order No.
MH-31A8J Yaesu Mikrofon with RJ-45 conrector 35.00

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