1090MHz Antenna and Pre-Amplifier for Virtual Radar Receivers

GP-1090 Outdoor antenna for 1090MHz

Bild 1090MHZ AntenneEspecially for the reception of the ADS-B/Mode-S aircraft beacon we are offerign this special antenna. The antenna is protected and weatherproof with a solid glassfibre tube and comes complete with clamps for mast mount. Wall mount is also possible.

This antenna is a narrow band design for secondfary radar (IFF) from 1070 to 1110 MHz. Due to the omnidirectional characteristic and the medium gain the reception is good in any direction, also up. Cable not included.Graphics 1090MHz Antenna

Technical Data
Order No.
17500 GP-1090 Outdoor antenna 1090MHz 90.90

Datasheet for GP-1090 antenne (PDF, DE, 100KB)

Complete Pre-amplifier System

In case that you already have an antenna, we offer a bundle which includes all items required for a pre-amplifier system.

Order No.
AS-1090BUN Pre-amp 1090MHz, Bias-T, Cable, Power supply 175.00


? Complete Antenna System incl. Cable and Pre Amplifier  ?

Complete antenna system
in case you already have the SBS-3 or Radarbox and only need an antenna with pre amplifier and cables. Includes antenna, pre-amp and all required cables. A 12V /1A power supply is included.
Order No.
GP-1090-B10 Antenna system incl. 10m cable 269.00
GP-1090-B20 Antenna system incl. 20m cable 299.00


 AS-1090 Pre-Amplifier for 1090MHz

Pre amp AS-1090The AS-1090 is a pre amplifier designed specially for the Virtual Radar receivers SBS-3 and Radarbox. With such an amplifier the reception range of the SBS-3 is considerably extended. The AS-1090 can be used with any passive antenna like the GP-1090 or a discone antenna.

An antenna pre-amp should always be mounted as close to the antenna as possible, not at the end of the (long) cable. If the pre-amp is used at the end of the cable (downstairs) it will still amplify the signal, but also the noise added by the cable. This results in a worse signal to noise ratio (SNR) and thereby in less effective decoding of signals. Another advantage of using the pre-amp right at the antenna is that you can use cheaper cable with higher attenuation for the long downlead to your shack.

Technical Data:

The AS-1090 includes all mounting hardware for mast mount. A Bias-T (DC injector) is not included.

Order No.
AS-1090 Pre amplifier 1090MHz 139.00

Datasheet for pre amplifier AS-1090 (german, 320KB, PDF)

AS-1090BT DC Injector

Bild AS-1090BT FernspeiseweicheTo supply the AS-1090 pre-amp with power the 12V DC voltage is injected over the coaxial cable. This requires a DC injector (Bias-T) at the receiver (downstairs). A suitable Bias-T is the AS-1090BT. The AS-1090BT offers one N female connector (to antenna) and one BNC female connector to SBS-3 and a connector for 12VDC.

Order No.
AS-1090BT DC Injector 12V 39.00


Cables for GP-1090 Antenna

With a good cable ou can save a lot of hassle, and you improve the reception! The traditional cables used for scanners etc. (RG-58) ar not suitable for these high frequencies, here you should use a good low loss coaxial cable. like Ecoflex-10, Aircom+ or even Ecoflex-15.

Depending on if a pre-amplifier is used or not, you either need one or three cables:

With pre amplifier:

  1. Short cable with 2x N male connector between antenna and pre-amp
  2. Long cable with 2x N male from pre-amp to Bias-T
  3. Short cable BNC/SMA from Bias-T to receiver

Without pre-amplifier:

  1. Long cable with N male and SMA male connector from antenna to receiver

LowLoss Cable N/N

The cable part no. 40340.x is a high quality low loss cable, type CLF-400 or Ecoflex-10 (depending on availability), double shielded, ready to use with N connectors on either end. The connectors are protected with heat-shrink tube. Cable diameter approx. 10mm.

Order No.
40340.1 Length 1m 29.70
40340.2 Length 2m 32.40
40340.3 Length 3m 35.50
40340.4 Length 4m 33.60
40340.5 Length 5m 41.70
40340.6 Length 6m 43.00
40340.7 Length 7m 45.30
40340.8 Length 8m 50.90
40340.10 Length 10m 57.00
40340.12 Length 12m 54.80
40340.15 Length 15m 72.20
40340.20 Length 20m 87.40
40340.40 Length 40m 128.80


The cable part no. 40390.01 is a short cable, ready to use with BNC and SMA connector. To be used to connect the Bias-T to the receiver.

Order No.
40390.01 Length 1m, RG-58 20.50

Cable N/SMA

If the antenna is to be used without pre-amplifier a direct cable from antenna to receiver can be used. The cables below use low loss H-155 cable and come equipped with N and SMA connector.

Order No.
40331.01 1m H-155, N/SMA 22.30
40331.02 2m H-155, N/SMA 23.30
40331.03 3m H-155, N/SMA 24.40
40331.04 4m H-155, N/SMA 25.40
40331.05 5m H-155, N/SMA 26.50
40331.06 6m H-155, N/SMA 27.50
40331.08 8m H-155, N/SMA 29.60
40331.10 10m H-155, N/SMA 31.70

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