Icom brings all the features of your fixed VHF to a go anywhere,use anywhere hand-portable with the introduction of the all new IC-M94DE… 
the world's first marine VHF handportable radio with an integrated AIS receiver as well as DSC and GPS.
The IC-M94DE is the first handheld radio that offers users receive information broadcast by other AIS equipped vessels. 
The ICM94DE provides vessel traffic information shown on the radios large clear display and with its elegant design and abundance of simple to use features. 
This is a game changing device for anyone who ventures out to sea for recreation or work.
Worlds First Handheld Marine Radio with AIS Receiver - AIS receiver and DSC function add further assurance for safety at sea. 
The integrated AIS receiver displays vessel traffic information is shown on the screen. 
The AIS target call function allows you to easily set up a DSC individual call. Distress calls can be made with the rear panel distress button.
6 W RF Output Power and 10 Hours of Operating Time - The IC-M94DE’s 6 watts of transmit power provides extended communication range for the user. 
The supplied BP-306 high capacity 2400 mAh (typical) Li-ion battery, provides 10 hours of operating time, under normal conditions*.
* Approximate, typical operation with 5:5:90 duty ratio.
Class-Leading 1500 mW Audio Output - Icom’s custom high-power capacity speaker delivers a loud 1500 mW (typical) audio output with improved acoustic sound clarity for noisy maritime environments.
Simplified Navigation Function - The Navigation function guides you to a specified waypoint. You can assign up to 50 favourite fishing spots or destinations as waypoints.
Float’n Flash and MOB Auto Set Functions - The radio floats and the LCD screen, keys and rear panel Distress button flash to help you retrieve it from the water. 
Pressing the distress button while Float’n Flash is working will transmit the MOB distress signal.
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Icom M-37E
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Icom M-85E

Compact and Lightweight
The IC-M85E is the most compact (W×H×D: 56 × 92 × 29 mm) and lightweight (weight: 246 g (with BP-290, FA-SC58V and MBB-3)) commercial grade marine and land mobile hybrid radio in the world*.

Covering 136–174 MHz PMR Frequency
In addition to VHF marine channels, the IC-M85E covers 136–174 MHz PMR channels. Up to 100 programmable channels are available for PMR use. Each channel is programmable with CTCSS and DTCS tone.

700 mW Powerful Audio
Despite its compact body, the IC-M85E delivers 700 mW of loud audio. Clear communications is vital in noisy environments.

Private Conversation
The radio has a built-in Voice Scrambler and provides private communication between stations (32-code, compatible with UT-112 voice scrambler unit).

Instant Operation with Multi-Function Button
Channel group changing (Marine <-> PMR) or the scrambler function ON/OFF can be assigned in the multi-function button on the top panel*. The Key lock function can be activated by holding the button.

IP67 and MIL-STD Rugged Construction
The IC-M85E is built durable to endure 1 m submersion for 30 minutes and dust-tight protection. The radio also passes MIL-STD-810 specifications.

And more..
– AquaQuake™ prevents audio degradation from a water-logged speaker
– Internal VOX capability for hands-free operation
– 14 hours of long battery life (TX: RX: Standby=5:5:90.)
– 5 W output power
– The self check function checks internal temperature, and connected battery voltage (over voltage detection)
– Monitor function
– Priority scan function
– Dual/Tri-watch function for monitoring CH16 and/or call channel
– Favorite channel function for quick access to often used channels

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2.3” Large High Visibility LCD
2.3” large, high contrast and full dot-matrix LCD ensures
good readability under direct sunlight. Large compass
screens and large character size provide at-a-glance

Slimmest* Buoyant DSC Radio
By adopting a flat sheet keypad, at 38.5mm the IC-M93D
EURO is the slimmest buoyant DSC handheld radio in the
world. Fits comfortably in your palm for ease

Intuitive User Interface
For an operator not familiar with DSC radio operation, the
combination of the four directional keypad and soft keys
provides straight-forward operation of all functions.

Float’n Flash and MOB Auto Set Function
The IC-M93D EURO floats and flashes on the water.
Pressing the distress button while Float’n Flash is working
will transmit the MOB distress signal, rather than the plain
undesignated one for better protection of sailors.

Integrated GNSS Receiver
The integrated GNSS receiver provides your location, bearing and speed with fast-setup
time and pinpoint accuracy by using information from GPS, GLONASS, QZSS and SBAS.

Active Noise Cancelling
Active Noise Cancelling digitally removes background noise from both transmit and
receive audio and provides clear communication in a noisy maritime environment.

Comes with Rapid Charger, BC-220
The supplied rapid charger, BC-220, charges the BP-285 in 2.5 hours (approximately).

Other Features
• IPX7 submersible (1m depth of water for 30 minutes)
• Navigation function from current position to the specifi ed waypoint
• 50 waypoint memories with alphanumeric name for navigation
• Dual/Tri-watch function for monitoring CH16 and/or call channel
• Battery indicator shows remaining battery power in four levels
• Favorite channel function for quick access to often used channels
• AquaQuakeTM draining function clears water away from speaker grill
• Support new VHF marine channel plan effective from January 1st, 2017
• When the HM-165 is connected to the IC-M93D EURO, the HM-165 and the radio floats on the water

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Icom M-25 EURO

http://www.amcom.nl/wp-content/uploads/IC-M25-Metallic-grey.jpgVHF Marine Transceiver

Icom proudly announces the debut of the new entry level marine transceiver IC-M25EURO. The IC-M25EURO comes in three colour variations (metallic grey, pearl white and marine blue) to add a flair of style making the IC-M25EURO look good with your boating/fishing fashion or on its own. The 220 gram lightweight body makes it the lightest floating marine transceiver available, allowing you a feeling of freedom when enjoying water sports.

The IC-M25EURO can be used up to 11 hours with the installed lithium-ion battery and has a Micro-B USB connector for convenient charging. Continuing the legacy from the IC-M23 series, the IC-M25EURO also floats and flashes when exposed to water. A red LED light flashes trough the rear panel for easier retrieval. The radio also floats with the optional waterproof speaker microphone, HM-213, attached. The large LCD and improved keypad provide easy and straightforward operation for anyone.


Stylish Three Colour Variations
The IC-M25EURO has three colour variations: metallic grey, pearl white and marine blue. Icom has gone a step further by considering matching of the radio with marine sports-wear or fishing gear. Choose your favourite colour in style.

Lightweight and Slim Body
Its 220g lightweight and 30.5mm slim body is the new benchmark for floating marine transceivers. Feel more freedom when enjoying water sports, or admire its slim and stylish shape which also provides a comfortable grip.

Float’n Flash
Continuing the legacy of the IC-M23, the IC-M25EURO floats with a flash of light when dropped in water. Not only does the LCD and key backlight on the front panel flash, but also the red LED light blinks through the rear panel showing the place of the radio for retrieval easier. The IC-M25EURO floats even when the optional microphone, HM-213, is attached.

11 Hours Long Battery Life
The built-in 1500mAh lithium-ion battery provides 5 Watts of transmit power and allows 11
hours (approximate) of long operation*.
* Typical operation with Tx (Hi): Rx: standby=5:5:90

USB Charging
The IC-M25EURO has a Micro-B USB connector and can be charged with the supplied AC adaptor, BC-217 in 3 hours (approx.). Third party USB charger products such as cigarette lighters or mobile battery for charging smartphones, tablets or digital cameras may be used with the IC-M25EURO*.
* The IC-M25/EURO accepts 5V/1A (Max.) input. Use of third party products is not guaranteed.

Large LCD and Straightforward User Interface
The IC-M25EURO’s LCD is 30% larger than the IC-M24’s and clearly shows large channel number and status icons. The curved shape buttons on the front panel are well laid out and provide simple and straightforward operation. Laser cut buttons also allow for clearer viewing during night time operation.

550mW Audio Output and Optional Speaker Microphone
The IC-M25EURO provides a powerful 550mW (12Ω load) audio output and received voice can be heard loud and clear. The Volume loud and mute functions offer quick adjustment of volume by holding the VOL/SQL button and pushing ▲ or ▼ button. The optional waterproof speaker microphone, HM-213, provides commercial grade operating convenience and durability for leisure and professional users alike.

Other features

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Icom M-73 EURO+

IC-M73PLUSLast Call Voice Recording
The last call voice recording function automatically saves the last incoming call for 1 minute. You can also start recording manually. You will not miss an important call.

Active Noise Cancelling Technology
The built-in bidirectional active noise cancelling reduces background noise to up to 90% and improves both your transmitted voice and incoming call. You will hear better and clearer!

Bass Boost Function
The signal processing technology emphasizes low-pitched sound to provide a rich bass sound for both transmit and receive signals.

700mW Loud Audio
The IC-M73EURO uses a BTL (bridgetied load) amplifier that doubles the audio output. Its internal speaker delivers a loud 700mW audio output with clear sound.

AQUAQUAKE is a trademark of Icom Incorporated. All other products of brands are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders.

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Icom F61M

Compact and Waterproof Maritime Onboard Radio

Conforms to Maritime UHF onboard communication requirements

The IC-F61M is especially developed for onboard communication and is pre-programmed with 9 UHF onboard channels*. Icom has also matched this radio’s electrical specifications with the strict requirements of EN 300 720-2.
* 25kHz channel.

IP67, dust-tight and water-proof constrnuctio
The IC-F61M has outstanding protection against dust and water which is equivalent to IP67. The IC-F61M can withstand submersion in 1m depth of water for up to 30 minutes and has dust-tight construction that prevents the ingress of dust.

Compact body
The IC-F61M’s compact dimensions of 56 (W) × 97 (H) × 36.4 (D) mm allow the IC-F61M to fit comfortably in your palm or shirt pocket.

Lithium-Ion battery pack standard
With the supplied 1700mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack, BP-227, the IC-F61M provides stable output power and a practical 9–10 hours* of operating time.
* Typical operation; Tx:Rx:Stand-by duty cycle=5:5:90

Built-in signalings
Without installing an optional logic board, the IC-F61M has 5-Tone, CTCSS, DTCS signaling capabilities* for group communication or selective calling.
* Ask your dealer for programming these signalings.

700mW audio output power
The IC-F61M uses a BTL (bridge-tied load) amplifier that doubles the audio output. As a result, it delivers 700mW of loud audio*.
* Internal speaker only.

Vibration alert function
When a pre-programmed 5-Tone signal is received, the vibration alert function alerts you by vibrating the radio. The vibration patterns are also programmable (4 patterns × one time/repeat).

Max. 8 minute voice recorder
The built-in the voice recorder records incoming calls up to a maximum of 8 minutes (Or up to 48 calls of 10 sec. recording time). When a pre-programmed 5-Tone signal is received, the voice recorder automatically starts recording the message.

Other features

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Icom M-87 ATEX

IC-M87 (ATEX version)Compact/Waterproof VHF PBR/Marine ATEX handheld

The IC-M87 ATEX version conforms to the 94/9/EC ATEX Directive. This version is suitable for use in hazardous areas on land and at sea such as oil rigs, petrol tankers, etc. This version has a built-in voice scrambler with 32 codes for private transmission. The IC-M87 meets the needs of business and industry users who need a waterproof marine radio and simple PMR radio.

This ATEX approved IC-M87 transceiver offers safety approved 2-way communication preventing explosion and fire hazard in specified hazardous areas.

Approved classes

The approved rating is II2G EEx ib IIA T3.

Please ensure that the IC-M87 ATEX is acceptable for the intended place of use.

Special conditions for use:

Tough, Compact, lightweight body
The IC-M87 measures only 62 x 97 x 39 mm and weighs 290g (including BP-227AX). The tough one-piece aluminium chassis is designed to meet MIL standard requirements.

Waterproof construction
The IC-M87 is waterproof to IPX7* and has been designed to handle in extreme conditions such as rainstorms, high-humidity and rapid change of temperature. * (1m depth for 30 minutes).

Simple operation
A large clear backlit LCD display (30 x 8 x 14mm) and backlit buttons provide instant recognition of data and ensures reliable communication in any lighting conditions. The large volume knob and clearly labelled buttons allow for simple and efficient operation at all times whether on sea and land.

Lithium-Ion battery pack as standard
The IC-M87 comes with a BP-227AX 1700mAh Li-Ion battery pack. That provides a capacity battery life; a maximum of 23 hours* operation with no ‘memory effect’ of the battery. * Tx:Rx:Stand-by duty ratio = 5:5:90

Optional speaker microphone, HM-138
An optional speaker microphone, HM-138, has waterproof construction equivalent to IPX7. The HM-138 is an approved accessory for ATEX use.

Built-in voice scrambler
The ATEX model has a built-in 32 code voice scrambler compatible with UT-112.

22 programmable channels for Land use
The IC-M87 meets both marine and PMR applications. A simple push of a button toggles the operating band between marine and land channels. Each PMR channel is programmable* wide/narrow (25/12.5KHz or 20/12.5kHz) channel spacing, and CTCSS and DTCS tone signalling are built-in.
* Optional cloning software, CS-M88/M87 and cloning cable are required for programming.

Rapid charger available
The BC-152 desktop charger can be set on top of a table or mounted to a wall. The BC-152 accepts various power sources such as an AC adapter, cigarette lighter socket, or DC power supply. The optional rapid desktop charger BC-119N and multi charger BC-121N are also available to charge the IC-M87 in 2.5–3 hours. (AD-100 charger adapter is required).
* Please note that ATEX radios should not be charged in Hazardous environments.

IC-M87 (ATEX version) Additional Features

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Icom M-91D

IC-M91DThe IC-M91D is Icom’s first marine handheld VHF with integrated DSC/GPS giving you the facility to send and receive DSC calls. Like Icom’s next generation IC-M423 fixed mount VHF/DSC, the IC-M91D shares a new common user interface and noise cancelling technology that is unequalled in VHF models today. The IC-M91D also features Float’n Flash, so if the radio falls into the water, it will float on its back with the LCD, backlit keypad and distress button flashing, thus making the radio easier to retrieve in low light conditions.

Active Noise Cancelling Technology – Reduces background noise by up to 90%
The built-in bidirectional active noise cancelling reduces background noise to up to 90% and improves both your transmitted voice and incoming call. You will hear better and be heard better.

New Icom Marine Family User Interface provides simple operation
The new menu system provides easy and intuitive operation. The bottom line of the full dot-matrix display shows the software key functions which can be toggled with the left and right buttons. The directional keypad allows you to perform various operations and settings.

Built in DSC and GPS – Compliant to the latest ITU ad ETSI standards
The IC-M91D is Icom’s first marine handheld VHF with integrated DSC/GPS giving you the facility to send and receive DSC calls from your handheld.

The integrated GPS provides another important benefit. The waypoint/compass function allows the boat owner to steer their way to waypoints within a route. A Man Over Board (MOB) function allows you to record time and position of the MOB just in case the worst ever happened. These features, dependant on the size of your vessel, could provide a central or back up navigation tool.

700mW Loud Internal Speaker
The IC-M91D uses a BTL (bridge-tied load) amplifier that doubles the audio output. The large speaker delivers 700mW of loud and intelligible audio even in noisy environments.

Float’n Flash
Like its predecessors, the IC-M91D features Float’n Flash. What this means is if the radio falls into the water, it will float on its back with the LCD, backlit keypad and distress button flashing, thus making the radio easier to retrieve. The radio has IPX7 submersible protection. (1m depth for 30 minutes)

Click on the following link to find out how the float'n flash works on the Icom IC-M91D.

Li-Ion Battery Pack and Desktop Charger Supplied
The large capacity 1500mAh Li-Ion battery pack provides 8 hours of operating time. A desktop charger is supplied to charge the battery pack. * Typical operation with 5:5:90 duty ratio.

Other features
• Optional submersible HM-167 speaker-microphone
• 50 waypoint memories
• AquaQuake draining function
• Dual/Tri-Watch function for monitoring Ch. 16 and/or call channel
• Battery indicator shows remaining battery power in 4 levels
• Favourite channel function

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Icom IC-F51 ATEX (VHF) & IC-F61 ATEX (UHF)

ICOM IC-F51 (VHF) & IC-F61 (UHF)
ATEX PMR Transceiver
ATEX Intrinsically safe version

Intrinsically safe transceivers offer safety approved 2-way communication

preventing explosion and fire hazard in specified hazardous areas.

Features of the IC-F51 ATEX version:

Examples of applicable gas and vapour types*

Class IIA

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