Airspy HF+ Discovery SDR Receiver

The manufacturer of the well-known SDR Airspy-R2, Airspy HF+ and the SDR Sharp software has further developed the HF+: the HF+ "Discovery" for shortwave and VHF.

The Airspy HF+ Discovery operates from 500 Hz to 31 MHz and from 60 to 260 MHz. Similar to the Airspy HF+ the "Discovery" also works as a "Zero-IF" SDR. The received signal is mixed directly into the AF range. This technology avoids many of the problems of classic receivers, but also presents the developer with new challenges. The Airspy HF+ Discovery meets these challenges by using three analog tuners. The tuner is preceded by fixed bandpass filters and continously tuned filters. As with the 'HF+', the mixers of the 'Discovery' are designed as harmonic rejection mixers and thus ensure exceptionally good linearity and spectral purity of the down-mixed signal. This is important for sensitivity, because the cleaner the signal, the less likely it is that a weak signal will sink into the noise. Very powerful AD converters are used for digitization. The following decimation steps (DDC) work with different methods to reduce (decimate) the data rate. The result is a very effective anti-aliasing filter that offers about 108 dBc reduction. The resulting signal has an 18 bit resolution, which is then scaled to 16 bit for transmission via the USB 2 interface.

Such a receiver design requires a very precise AGC to achieve the best possible sensitivity and high dynamic range. The software of the Airspy HF+ 'Discovery' microcontroller controls the amplification in each stage of the tuner and the subsequent filters and amplifiers. The result is a dynamic range of theoretically 113 dB, practically 110 dB is achieved (on shortwave). This is an excellent result for such a compact receiver of this price range. The user benefits from the very good linearity and the high dynamic range as the received spectrum is much cleaner and free of artifacts. Manual gain control is usually not necessary, nor is the use of attenuators, preamplifiers, selective band filters etc.

In addition to the excellent RF characteristics, the developers have achieved an equally remarkable noise reduction at the AF level. Here, the disturbing noise in a desired signal is largely eliminated, without the signal suffering from intelligibility and without too many artifacts in the AF.

Another highlight of the Airspy HF+ 'Discovery' is the free software "SpyServer", which offers an easy to set up remote server. Here, a small computer (a cheap Raspberry PI or similar) can take over the function of the server to which the Airspy HF+ is connected. The receiver can then be accessed via the network in the usual way, even with several listeners at the same time. The difference to other web-based concepts is that the transferred data is actually an IQ signal, which can then be processed by the usual SDR software with all plug-ins. You are not hindered by the limitations of a web browser as SDR software.

Technical Data Airspy HF+ Discovery
Airspy HF+ Discovery
HF 0.005 – 31 MHz
VHF 60 – 260 MHz
MDS @500 Hz, @15 MHz -140 dBm
MDS @500 Hz, 60–108 MHz -141.5 dBm
MDS @500 Hz, 118–260 MHz -141.0 dBm
IIP3 0–31 MHz +15 dBm
IIP3 60–260 MHz +13 dBm
BDR 0–31 MHz 110 dB
BDR 60–260 MHz 95 dB
Width of spectrum 48, 96, 192, 384 & 768 kHz (max. 660 kHz alias-free)
Oscillator Accuracy 0.5 ppm
Antenna connector 1x SMA (HF + VHF)
Impedance 50 Ω
Temperature range -45 – +85°C
Dimensions 45 x 60 x 10 mm
Differences between Airspy HF+ / HF+ Discovery
Airspy HF+ Airspy HF+ Discovery
Case Metal Plastic
Antenna connectors 2 x SMA (HF, VHF) 1 x SMA
GPIO Pins 4 -
Preselector Tracking Filter 4x HF, 1x WFM, 1x VHF + Tracking Filter
Frequency Range HF 9 kHz - 31 MHz 0.5 kHz - 31 MHz
Dimensions 55 x 90 x 12 mm 45 x 60 x 10 mm
Weight 186 g 32 g

Airspy HF+ Discovery SDR 219.00

The Airpy HF+ can be used with many different programs on different operating systems. SDR# is probably one of the most suitable, since it comes from the same developer.

Airspy HF+ — try it online, now

As mentioned a remote operated server with the Airspy-HF+ is very easy to set up. Of course there are several public servers online right now, so you can give it a try. It's free, you just need to install the SDR# software on your computer. Instead of selecting a locally connected device you enter the address of a remote server. It's easy, try it now.

Further information on Harmonic Rejection Mixers

To better understand how a 'Harmonic Rejection Mixer' works, please see the following technical documents (both in english):

Antennas für Airspy
SRH-789, SMA Antenna 90 – 1100MHz, Knuckle, SMA 29.50
Log-Per 750 MHz - 11 GHz, 5-11 dB, SMA 45.00
Short antenna 868/900/1800/1900MHz, 0 dBi, angled 90°, SMA 10.40
Device antenna 900/1800 MHz, 2 dBi, angled 90°, SMA 12.70
Device antenna 900/1800/2100 MHz, 2.5 dBi, Knuckle, SMA 14.70
Device antenna 1200 – 1300 MHz, 2 dBi, Knuckle, SMA 22.20
Short antenna 2400 MHz, 0 dBi, angled 90°, SMA 10.40
Device antenna 2400MHz 5 dBi, Knuckle, SMA 17.50
Device antenna 2400MHz, angled 90°, SMA 12.40
Device antenna 5100 – 5500 MHz, 5 dBi, Knuckle, SMA 15.90
Device antenna 5100 – 5800 MHz, 7 dBi, Knuckle, SMA 18.20
Device antenna 5100 – 5800 MHz, 9 dBi, Knuckle, SMA 20.50
SRH-789 SMA Antenna 90 – 1100 MHz

The SRH-789 is a wide band telescopic antenna for scanners and similar devices. The adjustable frequency range is from 90 to 1100 MHz, the resonant frequency is set by changing the length of the telescope. Retracted length 20cm, fully extended length 80.5cm. A helpful table for various lengths and frequencies is printed on the loermost element of the antenna. The connector is SMA male, with locking nut, which allows the antenna to be adjusted in any position on the SMA socket. A knuckle helps adjusting the antenna vertically or in any other direction.

SRH-789, SMA telescopic antenna 90-1100MHz 29.50


LogPer Antenna 750 MHz to 11 GHz

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor LogPer Antenna 750 MHz to 11 GHzLogarithmic-periodic antenna for the frequency range from 750 to 11000 MHz (11 GHz). Suitable for SDR with a large frequency span, for example the 'HackRF One'. Antenna for lab measurements, test equipment, wide range frequency monitoring etc. Comes with 50cm RG-316 cable with SMA connector. Other cable lengths and connector avaiable on request. Gain 5 to 11 dB, return loss -11 dB, size 190 x 157 mm, weight 70 g.


LogPer 750MHz - 11 GHz, SMA 45.00


Bonito Loop ML-FX

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Bonito LoopThe Bonito ML-FX is a wide band active antenna for reception of long, medium and short waves as well as the lower VHF band. The antenna is is characterized by a small apcking size, low noise and excellent signal levels.

The ML-FX consists of a flexible, braided steel wire loop with large wire gauge, length 5m. The loop is connected to the amplifier, both are installed by hanging the wire to the wall, into a window, in a tree or on another suitable supports. The amplifier is supplied over the coaxial cable (not included) from a supplied Bias-T. This Bias-T has connectors for an external supply voltage as well as a socket for a USB cable. The voltage can range from 5 to 15 V. The USB connector makes the antenna very well suitable for portable operations with a computer.

Despite the high amplification (adjustable in three steps), the ML-FX has a very low noise level, as comparisions to other active antennas have shown. The antenna can be used from long wave (9 Khz) up to the lower VHF range of 180 MHz. The amplifier has a very high 3. order intercept point of +40dBm. This results in a very high distortion free blocking dynamic range. The amplifier is protected by a twofold overvoltage protection. With this protection the antenna not only survives a thunderstorm but can also be used in vicinity to transmitting antennas, for example in the garden of a radio amateur or on a sailing yacht. Additionally a VHF broadcast band stop filter can be activated.

With the small packing size and the USB power supply the ML-FX is very well suited to accompany you in a vacation. For example the antenna can be easily installed with two suction cup holders in a window. The coaxial cables are not supplied because most customers require different lengths. Whe does provide several ready made cables, and can also manufacture a cable tailored to your requirements.

Packing size 20 x 20 x 5cm, weight 480 g. Connector on amplifier: BNC, HF-Connectors on Bias-T: 2x BNC. Requires additional DC cable or USB cable for power suply. Supply voltage from 5 to 15V DC, max. 40mA.

Bonito ML-FX Megaloop 5m Steel Wire 399.00
mast mount 16.00

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