DX-Patrol SDR MK-3 (Software Defined Radio) Receiver with wide receiving range

The DX-Patrol MK- 3 is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) receiver with a very wide receiving frequency range. In contrast to the usual cheap USB DVB-T sticks this receiver has an additional converter for shortwave. This is the reason for the wide frequency range from 100 kHz to 2000MHz. For operation with the HF converter additional bandfilters are provided, resulting in a much better dynamic range and good strong signal handling performance.

Another feature is that the entire frequency range is provided without gaps. With two independant antenna connectors (SMA) you can always use the best suited antennas without reconnecting them when changing the bands. A small switch on the side of the receiver controls a low-noise pin diode switch when changing from HF to VHF or vice versa. The current state (HF/VHF) is shown with a multi coloured LED. The maximum sampling rate supported by the hardware is 3.2MS/s, but this is usually limited by the software. The result is a sampled spectrum range of 96 kHz up to approx. 1 MHz, depending on software.

Operation of the DX Patrol SDR receiver is possible with any software which supports the RTL2832 based DVB-T stick. Possible programs are (among others):

Special purpose programs like rtl1090 or dump1090 can be used to receive the ADS/B beacons sent from airplanes. With this receiver, suitable software and a suitable antenna plus cable a display of the current air situation at the receiving position is easily possible. Further you can participate in networks which provide live flight data to website like fleightradar24.com. Other software allows the reception of low orbit NOAA weather satellites on 137MHz - the possibilities of the Dx Patro lSDR receiver are endless!

Installation of the SDR receiver DX patrol si simple. It is recommended not to use the windows USB drivers but those provided through the 'Zadig' installer. The most programs mentioned above are free software products, you will find installation instructions on the various websites of the program authors. own software or drivers are not provided with the receiver. The connection to the computer is done with USB, a cable from USB-A conector to USB-Mini-B is required. Thsi cable is not included.

We offer the updated version Mk3.

Changes Mk1 → Mk2

Changes Mk2 → Mk3

Technical Data DX-Patrol
@ 14MHz, CW, 500Hz, SDR#
Noise Floor: -117dBm
AGC Threshold: 22 µV (wideband 2MHz w/ max RF gain -45dBm total)
100 kHz Blocking Range: 77dB (useful range, top-bottom = 77dB)
Reciprocal Mixing Dyn. Range: 76dB
Narrow spacing dyn. range IMD3: 66dB
@ 50MHz
Narrow spacing dyn. range IMD3: 73dB
@ 144MHz
Narrow spacing dyn. range IMD3: 63dB

Download Installation Instructions DX-Patrol Mk3 (english, 15MB, PDF)


Order No.
DXPATROL SDR Receiver 100 kHz - 2000MHz MK2 99.00




Order No.
40073.03 USB connecting cable 30cm 2.90
40073.15 USB connecting cable 1.5m 3.90
42854 Adapter SMA-plug/BNC-jack 6.80
42873 Adapter SMA-plug/N-jack 8.30
42874 Adapter SMA-plug/PL-jack 6.10
40310.SM-NF Adapter cable RG-316 SMA-plug/N-jack 17.60
40311.SM-NF Adapter cable H-155 SMA-plug/N-jack 19.30
40311.SM-BF Adapter cable H-155 SMA-plug/BNC-jack 19.30


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